Hana Herbs and Flowers Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots)
Hana Herbs and Flowers Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots)

Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) sold by the pound #. $7.00 a pound Shipping not include.  
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Pohole Sauce sells for $25.00 for 6.7 fluid oz
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Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) & Pohole Sauce for $60.00; Shipping Included

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Pohole, the fern shoots of Athyrium spp. is called Pohole on Maui, ho'i'o on the Big Island of Hawaii, pako in the Philippines and warabi in Japan. Growing wild in the rainforest of East Maui, this member of the fiddlehead fern family has slightly curly tops that are crunchy in texture and mild in flavor.

Eileen and Rene are the first farm to have Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) FDA approved. Can now be sold to the public. Certified wildcrafter, gather these delicate fern from the rainforest jungle of East Maui.

Hana Herbs and Flower's pohole is served in the finest restaurants and hotel dining rooms throughout Hawaii, and can be found at many local Maui stores. Gaining nationwide attention, their ferns have been featured in Food & Wine Magazine and on Graham Kerr's Galloping Gourmet and Roy Yamaguchi's food show.

So mix it up and try a new twist on your family's salad side dish; try Hana Herbs and Flower's Pohole mixed with tomato, onion and vinaigrette dressing.

Contact Eileen and Rene to find out where you can buy these Maui grown, 100% organic and delicious edibles today.

Rene and Fern Shoots

Do you know your Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots)

Pohole, is usually found in the rain forest of East Maui.

The plant ranges from three to 5 feet tall.  Young fronds are found in the middle of the plant, harvest 6-9 inch long, very succulent may be eaten raw.  To prepare remove 1/2-2 inch from the bottom of the plant break off where it feels soft and is a clean break. Rinse with water and air dry before using.

Putting the Pohole on a ti leaf on the table with `alaea salt, 'ala'akai, (Maui onion `aka`akai lau,) (leaf onion dried aku, dried he` (octopus and nioi. (Chili pepper); this is how the Hawaiian uses to eat the Pohole.  Now they have a new life style and many new ways to serve up Pohole on Maui
Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) are only called Pohole on Maui.  On the island of Hawaii they are called Ho`i`o.  Japanese call it "Warabi".  Filipino name is "Pako" and the Korean call it "Kosade".
Pohole should be kept in the chill until immediately before preparation, since exposure to air causes it to darken.  At the time of preparation the end will be broken off where it remains tinder, similar to how asparagus is treated.  Depending on how long since the fern was harvested, approximately 1-2 inches of the fern shoots will be too dehydrated (too tough) to use.  Fern Shoots can be ready to harvest each week, the shoot can be 6-8-10 long at time of harvest. 
Pohole can be eaten raw and is the prefered way in Hawaii.  It has a glutinous consistency, which may be countered by the use of a lemon, lime or vinegar in the dressings.  To clean the shoots wash in plain water to remove fine hairs on the stem. You may want to Blanche shoots by immersing in boiling water for 1 fast few sec. then quickly immersing in very cold water. This helps to keep the color bright green.

Pohole also, is nice as a garnish.

Pohole should be kept refrigerated at all times before use.  If it is allowed to warm and dry out it will spoil.  Keep stored in plastic bag it comes in. Shelf life is 5-7 days.  Clean Pohole by immersing in water running your fingers over the stalk to wash off hairs, Brake off small portion on the bottom of the stalk where it breaks off

The secret of perfect Pohole:  Blanche shoots by immersing in boiling water for a fast sec or two and then quickly immersing for 3 minutes in very cold water.

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Hana Herbs & Flowers family owned and operated farm.Gathering and wild crafting Pohole Fern shoots(only called Pohole on Maui),family of the fiddle head fern. Harvest fresh from East Maui Hawaii Mountain.We are the first farm to have Pohole FDA approved.Our hearts are into preserving this Hawaiian food.In hopes of a new agricultural product for all of Hawaii By planting more we're blessed with a very large supply.As stewards of the aina(land) we don’t want to change the land. Mahalo for using our Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots).