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Includes Shipping by way of FedEx right to the front door of your loved one.
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Sweet Gift Box

Sweet Gift Box

Sweet Gift Box  4 Gingers, 4 Pssittacorums
$55.00/10 Flowers  1 Heliconia, 1 Exotic and Foliages
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2.A Little More Love

A Little More Love

A little More Love 6 Gingers, 8 Psittacorums, 2 Exotic
$80.00/ 18 Flowers 2 Heliconias and Mixed Foliages
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3.Island Special

Island Special

Island Special  10 Gingers, 12 Psittacorums, 6 Exotic
$130.00/ 30 Flowers  2 Heliconias and Mixed Foilage
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4.Maui Special

Maui Special

Maui Special  16 Gingers, 16 Psittacorums, 8 Exotic
$180.00/44 Flowers  4 Heliconias and lots of mix Foliages,

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Family owned farm harvesting Pohole
(Maui Fern Shoots)
from the Jungle of East Maui

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6.TI Leaf Lei’s

TI Leaf Lei's

Ti leaf Lei: Red or Green $8.00 each, 10 or more $7.50 each

RED Ti leaf Lei

GREEN Ti leaf Lei

RED Ti leaf Lei
(10 or more)

RED Ti leaf Lei
(10 or more)